Dirk of Exclusive Drums:

"Exclusive Drums has found its origin in two of my true passions: designing beautiful wooden objects and playing and enjoying any kind of music.

I have been designing and making custom-made furniture and interiors for over 30 years.  However, music and playing the drums became more than a sideline throughout the years. I have been playing the drums in several bands ( rock, covers, rockabilly...) and all along the making of furniture and performing, I started dreaming of making my own snare drum. Thanks to my knowledge of wood and how to treat and work it, I made my first own snare drum... and by  trial and error I perfected my technique and learned how to make drums for different kinds of music ( jazz, blues, rock..). 

Beside the fact that each drum looks amazing, I am especially thrilled by the fact that they have an incredible sound... as if my effort and passion just added that little spark of extra to it.

In the meantime my dream became more than reality! I quit making furniture, started my own drum-factory in Bruges and focused on making custom made stave shell drums. Each one of those handmade drums being a unique musical instrument.

Feel my passion and enjoy the sound of Exclusive Drums!

Dirk "

Drum factory

Exclusive Drums builds stave shell drums according to the "stave shell" principle. Wooden cubes of wood are glued next to each other in a circle and subsequently rounded on the in- and outside. This technique is comparable to the principle of a rain barrel.

This technique is completely different as to the more classic technique ( ply) where thin layers of wood are collapsed under pressure. The shells of Exclusive Drums are not under pressure wherefor the tone is lower and the sound much richer.


Exclusive Drums is proud of its sustainable entrepreneurship. 

Wood that would otherwise end in the fireplace or on the scrapheap, gets a new life at Exclusive Drums, being up-cycled with care and passion in a new musical instrument. 

An old but emotional valuable piece of furniture can as thus be rebuild to a new instrument; this recycling is a unique added value.

Certificate of authenticity

To guarantee the authenticity of your Exclusive Drums, we give a unique "Certificate of authenticity" with every purchase of a drum. This certificate mentions the unique serial number and the date of purchase. 

Because we from Exclusive Drums are proud of our product and want to share that with you...

Drum shop

Our Exclusive-Drums-Shop is open! See contact for further details